Auction for Climate Action

What is ‘Auction for Climate Action’?

Auction for Climate Action is a charity initiative for our climate, generating donations by auctioning art & design for climate protection projects.
The auction takes place primarily on respective posts on Instagram and will additionallly be displayed here in the posts, on Facebook and partly on LinkedIn so that others can bid as well, depending on the contact option of the of the artist or designer.

More categories are to follow.

How does it work?

Artists or designers can offer a work of art or object for auction without further fees. Anyone and everyone has the opportunity to bid for these works and donates incidentally for our climate.

With this form of auction, everyone involved benefits! A work of art or design object finds a new home and the lucky owner reimburses the artist and donates for climate protection measures.

The general terms of use and data protection provisions apply.

What happens to the proceeds?

100% of the proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations active in climate action and selected by the advertiser – the only condition is that they are generally recognized and cooperate with Auction for Climate Action. Measures for species protection and environmental protection are part of the climate protection projects, they are interdependent.

This means that every euro goes to a good cause. Along the way, the artists get the opportunity to make an even bigger impact with their art. The bidders will forever associate a special story with the artwork.

There are no further costs. Climate protection is a matter close to our hearts, which is why Art & Design is offered without any fees. The transaction takes place directly and without any detours between the advertiser and the bidder. The proceeds will go entirely to the organization selected by the adjuster.

Cooperating nonprofit organizations:

More information for artists and designers

Professional or semi-professional artists, designers, artisans, and the like are welcome to donate their self-created contemporary works – there are no limits to creativity. Packaging, material & shipping costs will be reimbursed by the bidder.

All creative interested can best reach us on Instagram via DM. Please tell us the name of your of the work, the estimated sales price (if it would be sold normally), the e-mail address and send a photo of it.

If all goes well, we’ll send a small question list to fill out and in the end post the work with the description list, square image(s) and appropriate hashtags. We are also happy to receive other images, for example with the work and artist together or with text to publish them, as well. You would have to respond to requests or comments and post the current highest bid (if it came via DM or otherwise and not already in the comments) in the comments.

Please choose only high quality artwork or design objects. They can also be older, as long as they are not in a used condition. The minimum bid includes the cost and at least 50€ donation. The total amount of the minimum bid should be about 1/3 to 1/2 of the normal selling price. If the works should be small, sets are also welcome to offer to achieve the price. Please respect the copyright – the work must be yours. Likewise, the photos must be also by you or you have the full and transferable right of use for them.