If you have any questions about the auction, as an interested party, as an artist or as a bidder, please contact us via Instagram DM:

If you have further questions or ideas, for example about a cooperation, or if you are interested in a collaboration/ support, please contact us by e-mail:

Ideas to support with flexible effort (please contact us anyhow):

  • Share a story or post: share something self-created or linked by us hidden in a story for easy sharing (e.g. our upcoming Reel short showcase or the next Open Call for creatives).
  • Instagram ambassador for an organization with us or also for Auction for Climate Action overall (engagement and interaction in the niche with asks).
  • Recruiter:in for creatives, potential bidders or shout-outs (story through linking).
  • Social Media Support (support distribution or launch assistance on other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube or Twitter, happy for one platform)
  • Statistics maintenance with Excel
  • building up an online auction platform
  • single expert help like creating a special reel, SEO, tips on specific topics like boosting the account, etc., making useful contact (e.g. to a printing company)
  • expert for antiques and small treasures to support a new category
  • new accounts in other countries
  • more ideas are always welcome


An article in Goddessarts Magazine on the 28th of October 2022.