For the combination of an online auction and a live exhibition, we are showing several artists with three artworks each for this location. In this online gallery, possible artworks for an exhibition with auction appear together with links to further artworks on their website, plus Instagram account. This allows interested locations to make specific inquiries about these or other works. If the artworks on display are no longer available, they will be replaced here.

The locations can browse here and, if interested, ask the artist by e-mail whether he/she would like to exhibit a certain quantity or certain works there for our auction. Please add us to all correspondence with in the Cc. If both agree, we will take care of the publication of the auction with all information and clarify the signage with QR code together with you. The works will then be exhibited on the premises and, if everything goes well, auctioned online at the end.

As soon as this gallery has grown diversely and attractively, we will approach other locations. The first artist can already be seen as an example.

Further information can be found under Exhibition in Locations + Online Auction. Artists can still find information on how to apply for exhibitions.

Online art gallery for Hamburg

Christine Marquardt, @ausliebepink : Acrylic paintings for Exhibitions & Events

Jelka Pho Duc, @jelkaasophie : Abstract paintings for Exhibitions & Events