Artist info for the „Tag der deutschen einheit“

German Unity Day in Hamburg

We are part of the „Tag der Deutschen Einheit“ 2023! It will be celebrated in the city of Hamburg and we are allowed to hold an auction on the sustainability stage. The event will be heavily advertised, both in the press and on the streets. You can find our general Info for the „Tag der Deutschen Einheit“ here.

On October 3, 2023, we will hold an auction on the Sustainability Stage in Hamburg starting at 6:45 pm for about 45 min in favor of our participating organizations. From 16.00 the eight artworks will be presented there and can be examined in the time windows between the performances. These are 16:00 – 16:20, 16:40 – 17:00 and 17:20 – 17:30. People who want to bid can get a card there to help for a better passage. The number of people in the tent is limited.

We are looking for works of art or design objects of any kind in high quality, which will be made available for auction. The work should appeal to as many people as possible.

Please apply to participate by emailing by 9/18/2023 at 2.00pm. We will reply as soon as possible.

Our info and requirements for this:

  • Your own great piece of art or design object that you hold the copyright to. The minimum starting bid is 1/3 to about 1/2 as big as the usual VK price. So, for example, at a retail price of 500 €, the starting bid is between 160 and 260 €, depending on the estimate of what can be achieved in any case, and the cost. The starting bid includes your financial costs and the donation (min. 100 €). For the expenses we would like to include 10% of the auction proceeds in this auction, but in the lowest case 20 €. So it will be more in case of higher bids. If your editions are not covered by this (e.g. because it is printed or framed), please suggest individually accordingly. For the mixed general public are probably not too high prices interesting, but who knows if appropriate enthusiasts come. The work should be well transportable by public transport, so not too big. There are no other restrictions on prices, materials and sizes.
  • Delivery, insurance (if applicable) and supervision/accompaniment are the responsibility of the creatives. Public transportation is strongly recommended. It will be very crowded. At the end of the auction, the packaging of the outward transport will be used again for the further transport. The nearest train station is Stephansplatz.
  • Compulsory attendance of the creative until the still unclear end in the evening. Probably the auction will take place at the end of the time slot. Our meeting starts 3.00-3.15pm, so that a meeting and other trifles are still possible. At 19.00 the program there is also finished, but the tent remains open until 21.00, so that there is enough time for the settlement, packing, photos etc., if necessary also for further exchange.
  • Also to bring: Easel or similar for presentation, business cards/flyers (up to DIN A6/DIN long), receipt for the (material) costs of the work, supplies if necessary. In addition, the printed DIN A4 information sheet incl. fastening possibility, for the presentation in advance and to give along.
  • With your application you agree that your attached works/photos and your info-sheet may be published for this purpose. The same applies to recordings and films made on site. It will also be presented afterwards with links on our channels. All participating creatives come permanently in our online list of Artists and Designers .
  • You post or share the announcement of your auction on your networks, just like we do.

Attachments and content in the email application:

  • A jpg-photo of your work in full view cut out in the online width of 1080 pixels as an e-mail attachment.
  • The following DIN A4 information sheet as a pdf file attachment about you and your work for online publication.
  • The following list of questions, which you can copy out here below, pasted into the e-mail and filled in/adjusted
  • Answers to these questions: 1.) How did you come up with the Open Call?
  • 2.) Do you accept the privacy policy and terms of use?
  • 3.) Do you think this 10% rule of revenue for the creatives mentioned here is better for online auctions as well, or do you think it’s better that creators estimate their financial costs and receive only those, as it was before (the amount of the donation varies as a result – the average cost so far has been 9.55)?

Contents of the self-designed info note:

  • A photo of yourself, name
  • Website, social media
  • One (to three) photo(s) of the provided work
  • Possibly one (to three) other photo(s) of your work(s)
  • A few key points to the short vita, to you/your work or in the text
  • Some information about the work (at least: Name, year of creation, all dimensions, technique(s), materials)
  • Some text about your work, your goal/intention and/or the art.
  • The question list could also be part of it


The question came up why to apply for donations. There are three reasons for this:
It is to present everything uniformly nice with your info. In advance, many of the visitors will probably already inform themselves online. And also on site it should look good. The info sheet contains only some necessary facts (equal to the question list) and advertising for you. It is left extra flexible for you.
In addition, no typical hobby works should be offered and we have to make a selection in advance.
And it will surely be a super great, promotional and fun event, where probably not all good applicants will be able to participate (the exact time and number are not fixed yet, at least 1/2 hour). But if there are more applicants, we’ll try again right away for a next Hamburg auction, where the same application could be used.

If someone just wants to donate to the organizations, they are welcome to do so directly at any time. On our home page, the donation pages are linked below. If you came across it through us, feel free to write „AfCA, extra donation“ at purpose and let us know briefly. Thank you!

Question list

Please refer to the Question List & Participation Info for info on filling out the list. These are the same. The following list to be filled in shows the finished text, what will be published on the website about it, and also it’ll be shown in posts or parts of it.

The brackets should only be replaced with your information (then without brackets, please delete what is not applicable at „…/…“).

Please read the above information and the question list thoroughly beforehand and check afterwards if everything is filled in and answered. This saves time and effort by sending several emails, which may not be possible in time, depending on the number of applicants. And please copy it out here in the same way, in this formation with the emojis. Thank you very much!

Artist:in/Designer:in/Artisan:in/…: (name)
(very brief description of person/work, a few words/one sentence).

🖼 Work of art/design object/or similar: („Name of the work“).
(short description)
(? × ? x ? cm)

🌱 She/He would like to support the (name of organization) with the proceeds.

💸 Minimum bid (FRG), ~ 1/3 – 1/2 of the usual price: (?) €
Included: Material and packaging: (?) €
Payment options on site: cash (and ?)
Donation of at least (minimum here is 100 €) : (?, results what is left) €.
The payment options of the NGOs are at the bottom of the home page.

Instagram: (@name)
Possibly Facebook/LinkedIn/… : (the corresponding social media name).
🌐 (link of the website or similar)
Location: (?)

Possible comment, if desired: (?)