These climate protection organizations are joining us and are available for creative participants to choose from. The five NGOs are generally recognized and respected in Germany.

Global Nature Fund

With a donation to the Global Nature Fund you can support diverse projects in different countries! 🌐 Great that they cooperate with Auction for Climate Action, because:

„For more than twenty years, people at the Global Nature Fund (GNF) have been committed to the protection of nature and the environment. From Radolfzell at Lake Constance out into the world, our development workers and project managers give their all – whether for the preservation of biodiversity in Central America, healthy mangrove forests 🌱 in Bangladesh or clean drinking water in South Africa.

Water protection is particularly close to our hearts. 🏞 That is why we at GNF have founded the international network Living Lakes: Together with 113 partners, we work to keep the wetlands of our earth alive and worth living in – for us humans and for nature, of which we are a part.

Our projects are diverse, our locations are on six continents. But everywhere: We are on site. We lend a hand. We act together with the people, know their problems and speak their language. We do not lecture, but listen and develop solutions in partnership. In this way, we ensure on a small scale that we preserve the big picture: our precious blue planet.“ 🌍

Show your support and check out @global_nature_f!
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It’s great that Justdiggit is participating in our auction project! With donations you help to green the middle east of Africa. 🌱🌱

„Hi, we’re Justdiggit and we’re here to show how our work with nature can help cool the planet, restore biodiversity, and ensure food and water security for millions of people. 💧

Justdiggit is on a mission to bring back nature and green Africa within the next 10 years – Locally, at scale. Over 60 percent of land in sub-Saharan Africa is degrading and becoming deserts due to a combination of climate change and overuse. Growing populations and declining available fertile soil are exacerbating the situation, putting pressure on natural, water and food resources.

The solution? Just dig it! (Just dig it!) By using cost-effective and efficient nature-based solutions, such as digging water-efficient „bunds“ or protecting and nurturing naturally sprouting seedlings, we are working with local partners and communities to restore 323,000 acres of degraded land. We’ve already brought 9.7 million trees back to life and started a global movement for change. 🌳

These solutions are extremely easy to implement and share, and they spread quickly. Local communities are taking matters into their own hands, cooling the local climate, restoring soil fertility and thus crop yields, increasing available water resources for all, impacting biodiversity, and sequestering carbon dioxide.

Our goal is to inspire, unite and empower an entire generation. We want to motivate people around the world to build a sustainable landscape restoration movement that benefits the planet and its inhabitants.🌍

Join us. DIG IN!“

Check out the amazing greening of @justdiggit and show them your support! 🫶🏼
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Deutsche umwelthilfe e.V.

We are honored to have the Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. at the start! So you can donate to them for environmental and climate protection and more justice in Germany and worldwide:

„We’ve been standing up for the environment and consumer rights since 1975, because whether it’s protecting wild bees, stopping plastic in the ocean, climate protection, or fighting for clean air in our cities: The environment and consumers need a strong advocate. 🐝

We are politically independent and recognized as a non-profit organization. And we have the right to sue. This means we enforce environmental and consumer rights in court if necessary.

We are active primarily in Germany and Europe, but also worldwide. We campaign for intact ecosystems, biodiversity and wilderness, for clean air and climate protection, for waste avoidance and recycling, for environmental justice and „green“ in our communities, for responsible consumption and ecological products. 🌿

We have carried the DZI donation seal of the German Central Institute for Social Issues since as early as 2015, which demonstrates the transparent and proper administration of donations. We are also a member of the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (ITZ).“

Check out @umwelthilfe’s campaigns and show your support! 🌷
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Deutsche Klimastiftung

We are very pleased that the German Climate Foundation is joining our initiative! By donating to them, you can support educational work for students as well as training for teachers on the topic of climate protection. 📚

„The German Climate Foundation was founded in 2009 out of the Klimahaus® Bremerhaven and works closely with it in terms of content and organization.
We believe that the path to climate protection and a sustainable lifestyle leads through education. Therefore, our goal is to present options for action for sustainable development and especially for climate protection by means of events and educational projects and to motivate people of all ages to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

Among other things, we are concerned with the question of how we want to live in the future and what we can do for a climate-friendly future. To this end, we give young people at So geht Zukunft! insights into „green“ professions and the changing world of work. The Transfer Campus revolves around climate protection technologies and what personal visions researchers and young people have for a livable future with climate change.

To achieve our goals, we also work with multipliers. In the Climate Education Center, we show teachers methods for climate education and self-efficacy experiences in the classroom. At the KlimaBildungszentrum, we show teachers methods for climate education and self-efficacy experiences in the classroom. Through our ClimateFaces (KlimaGesichter) and the traveling exhibition Climate Escape, we offer opportunities to address the aspect of climate change-related migration.“

100% of the donations go directly to the projects, because Klimahaus® Betriebsgesellschaft mbH bears all of the foundation’s administrative costs.

Check out the educational offerings at @deutsche_klimastiftung and show your interest! The information from @klimahaus.bremerhaven , linked to them, is also very exciting! As well as their project @klimagesichter. 🏞

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