You are very welcome to support us on a voluntary basis! Any time commitment is possible, depending on your wishes and possibilities. We are happy about any help and are a nice team with lots of fun!

We have been recognized by Letsact as a non-profit initiative: Non-Profit of the Month October – Auction for Climate Action (letsact.de) . Every support helps to generate donations for the four climate protection NGOs.

A graphic showing how the initiative can grow and all the factors that (could) contribute to this can be found at the bottom of this page.

On our German volunteering site we have flyers for downloading, but they are only in German.

These following two flyers are available for download. It would be great and very helpful if you could print them out and distribute and/or display them. The top one is a short introduction followed by a list of our searches, in DIN A5. The bottom one is a very small short presentation in DIN A6. On the page “Exhibitions with online auctions” there is also the small flyer for the locations, in DIN A6.

ideas for your flexible support

The top activities are possible for everyone without contacting us first. For all others, please send us a DM or e-mail to info@auctionforclimateaction.org . At the moment we are most urgently looking for social media support, event managers, location managers and many location scouts for the first cities. The menu page for „Exhibitions with online auctions“ is about to be published, you will find out more about this area very soon.

Constant, completely flexible, possible without prior contact:

  • Print out, distribute and display the flyers mentioned above
  • Many interactions on all 3 platforms: Like, comment, save, share, follow
  • Sharing in a story: Share something you have created yourself or linked by us hidden in a story for easy sharing (e.g. our reel short presentation or an open call).
  • Tell people about us, talk about locations, event opportunities, etc. for us
  • If applicable, promote and participate in open calls with a work of art

For a one-off effort for at least a few hours:

  • For experts on one or more platforms: Inform us about Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook improvement opportunities and improve and boost accounts and visibility
  • For experts in press relations, public relations, SEO, etc.: Find and implement ideas
  • With creatives who are good at designing a reel, post, explanatory film, stories, scribble image, etc.: create individual posts
  • For someone with useful contacts: Interact and mediate, win someone over
  • Someone who is good at planning and ideally knows about events or exhibitions/gastronomy: go through and improve our planning documents for one of the two areas
  • Someone who likes research: We have various areas for this, at the moment we most urgently need someone who:searches out the locations with e-mail addresses & addresses for exhibitions in a popular city
  • Someone who likes to go to restaurants, cafés and bars: As a location scout, approach several locations to see if they would like to participate in an exhibition
  • For someone who is better known, has many followers or is otherwise more noticeable: Tell them about us in any form, e.g. in a story. If it can be more often: As an ambassador. If necessary, take part in an event
  • For an Outlook expert: Build, design and prepare a newsletter. Potentially also merge content.
  • Do a single job as a speaker (see category below)

For longer support, from time to time, flexible in terms of time:

  • As a location scout, ask from time to time, see above.
  • Graphics: As someone with a good eye and appropriate technique and/or graphic background create some posts, reels or similar
  • Social media support Instagram: Support interactions/dissemination/shout-outs to potential interested parties/bidders , via @auctionforclimateaction_team
  • Recruiter:in Instagram: Support interactions/dissemination/shout-outs with creatives for participation or for shout-outs (story by linking) on one of the platforms mentioned, via @auctionforclimateaction_team
  • Instagram godfather: for one of the four organizations with us (engagement and interaction in the niche with requests), if you are a fan of one of them
  • As a programmer for WordPress: create an automatic application form for the various areas
  • many of the other „jobs“ were also possible or a mixture of them
  • Various things would be possible as a speaker: Speaking for stories/social media posts, taking part in interviews, discussion rounds, panel discussions, podcasts, etc. and/or starting as a moderator/auctioneer

With longer support in specialist areas, initially more, later less effort:

  • Event Manager for finding and clarifying possible events/auctions for fundraising and for (concept) planning and finalizing the documents and support for participation in an event
  • Location Manager for the „Exhibitions with online auctions“ area to go through and improve the planning and get this up and running
  • Starting & running new accounts on Pinterest or YouTube (or finding accounts that share/inform). The accounts should not post as often as the others, it is also possible to post less often.
  • Support with public relations work: for press releases and requests for publications, further ideas for publications; for a round of campaigns, sometimes more attention

With a few weeks/months of help and a few days more effort:

  • Event manager only for individual events/auctions, especially in the vicinity: Co-organization for our auction or similar, possibly also sole organization with the help of our planning and text documents and materials, supervision
  • Location manager, see above, would also be possible, but also some other activities

With constant assistance from a few hours per week:

  • Social Media nach Absprache mit Übernehmen, auf @auctionforclimateaction in Instagram und Facebook (gleichzeitige Posts), besonders bei Auktionsrunden. Zuverlässigkeit ist besonders wichtig.

Help from time to time as required:

  • maintenance with Excel
  • other of the list


  • accounts in other countries
  • further ideas are always welcome

Conceivable in the future:

  • Expert in antiques and small treasures for a new account with a new category
  • Development of an online auction platform

Spiral of growth with social media and other influences