Exhibition in Locations with Online Auction

What this is about

In addition to online and live auctions, Auction for Climate Action offers a third way to generate donations for climate protection: A combination of online auction, combined with a live exhibition. In addition to the exhibition in the premises, the art will be offered online. The bids are then posted on social media posts or by e-mail to the artist, like in the online auctions. The online auction will close at the end of the exhibition period. The proceeds go to the climate protection organizations that select the artists for each picture.

Online Galleries with artists

The artists in these online galleries are open for charity exhibitions and events:




We are looking for locations, location scouts and artists, as you can read here. The following is a description of these searches and then the entire process.

we are looking for locations

We are looking for restaurants, cafés, hotels, doctors‘ surgeries, salons, waiting areas, etc. where art can be temporarily exhibited in order to attract online bids.

  • Dear locations, if you are interested in unique works of art and would like to make an contribution to climate protection, please contact us at info@auctionforclimateaction.org . We will first collect interested locations for an e-mail distribution list (Bcc), which we will then use to inform you about how things are going and which artworks are available. Below we have attached an e-mail that you can send to the selected artist.

If someone would like to do such an exhibition, but with a live auction as an event at the end, this is of course also possible. Please let us know and we will work out everything else together.

We look forward to expressions of interest! We can then also send you assistance with the process.

we are looking for location scouts

In order to collect interested locations more efficiently and approach them directly, we are looking for one or more volunteer location scouts for various locations who could identify exhibition opportunities and possibly also support a live event on site.

We are particularly interested in: Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Radolfzell/Konstanz on Lake Constance, Bremen, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt & Bayreuth. We have selected these cities to be more specific. They are among the largest locations and/or someone from us or one of the organizations is on site.

But any other place where there are various locations and creative people is also possible, that mens cities of at least 100000 inhabitants. As soon as there are some locations for a city, we will highlight it here. Anyone can also individually point out a location with exhibition opportunities to us and let us know without having to do this several times as a location scout. We will announce in Stories if we know of anyone who is meeting up for this and where you could take part. If you would like to start this, please get in touch with us.

Dear potential location scouts, would you like to approach cool restaurants, cafés and the like and tell them about Auction for Climate Action? Then get in touch with us without obligation at info@auctionforclimateaction.org . You can decide for yourself how much time you want to spend. All we need is a certain degree of reliability and, of course, lots of fun!

Support from us: Keywords and QR codes in the corresponding post and in the story highlights „Exhibitions“ and flyers to print out yourself (four on an A4 sheet of paper):

Besides this we are also looking for a Location manager. These and more searches you can find here.

We are looking for artists

As soon as a city has been determined, we will look for artists in/near the city. We will announce this in an open call. If you would like to be notified by e-mail, we will be happy to put you on a corresponding e-mail distribution list for your city.

  • Dear artist, if you would like to participate in one of our online galleries (see above on this page) per location, please apply by e-mail with photo attachments. To the application page with further details for the artists you get here.

How it works

Once a city has been determined where there are several interested locations, we will look for artists in that city who might be willing to make one or more works of art available. We will then create an online gallery for each location (s. on top of this page) with three possible artworks per artist and links to other artworks. The locations can then see directly what they are interested in. If both agree, the works will be hung there for a certain period of time (e.g. two months) and auctioned online at the end. The participation information for online auctions applies.

There will also be a buy-it-now option, where the amount will be between the minimum bid and the normal price. In this way, people who do not wish to participate in the auction or would like to have the work more quickly or for certain can receive the artwork. The signage is to be clarified between the location, AfCA and the artist. An information sheet with QR codes is available. The risk (or, if desired, the insurance for this) of damage to or loss of the art is borne by the artist.

If many works of art by the same artist are exhibited in a location, we can reconsider the exact conditions.