Application for exhibition + online auctions

We are looking for artists in or near these locations: Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, soon also in Bremen. More will follow. We are particularly looking in Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Radolfzell/Konstanz on Lake Constance, Cologne, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe & Bayreuth. Please have a look at the example of the online gallery for Hamburg, which is linked above, and the Info for the creatives. We will announce the search for artists in an open call. If you would like to be notified by e-mail, we will be happy to put you on a corresponding e-mail distribution list for your location.

➡ Dear artist, if you would like to apply for a listed city, please send us an email with the following contents to .

The email should include the following:

  • the city or the cities
    City/ies where you live, or the next largest, or all large cities where you would participate, at least around 100.000 habitants
  • The web address of your pictures
    A website linked to your name where your work can best be seen (the exact link to the images), alternatively an online gallery, Etsy, LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • the Instagram account
  • Three jpeg photos of possible works for an exhibition or event with us as an attachment
    The photos should have these characteristics:
    – Full size image of a square artwork or alternatively with a bit of background/side stripe so that it becomes square (otherwise the gallery in the program will be unattractive), as jpg/jpeg file.
    – in online format with a page of ideally 1080 pixels. Reason (which is sometimes necessary or requested):
    Images that are too large do not work for uncomplicated emails and take up unnecessary memory. Please do not send large Photoshop files, but only this specified size or similar. And please do this as an e-mail attachment, as it causes the least effort.
    Too small, under 600 pixels on a page, might not be included in social media ads, so they should be in the right format (they will be edited by you anyway). Too small resolutions also look more pixelated.
    – This is not a guarantee from you or us that you would display these images. It is merely a possible selection at the present time, and you are welcome to choose as diverse a selection as possible. Further details must then be clarified with the location. If something that is in our online gallery should be sold at some point, please send us a photo to exchange.
  • Answers to these questions: 1) How did you come across us, or rather the exhibition / open call? On Instagram: In the feed, while searching (for what?) or as an advertisement?
  • 2) Do you accept the privacy policy and terms of use?
    Both consents are required
  • 3) What is your art style (e.g. abstract painting)? Unless otherwise stated, we assume that you are interested in exhibitions and events and will make a note of this.

Please check again that everything is correct and complete, this will save us unnecessary effort for further emails and delays. When it is complete and we have a good idea of the works for it, we will put the pictures online with names and links in the online gallery for the location and let you know. If a location contacts you and you agree, the exhibition will be planned and realized. We will support you and publish the offer.

List of Questions for a concrete Exhibition

When it comes to the exhibition (ATTENTION!!! Only then!), we need more information and pictures about who is offering what exactly. Please take the information for filling out the following list from the question list & information of the online auction. These are the same. We create the posts with the list and publish this on all channels. The bids will be sent directly to the posts on one of the platforms or to your e-mail address. The list to be filled in below shows the finished text and what will be published. We will send you the list as soon as the exhibition is finalized, or you can copy it from here.

The brackets should only be replaced with your details (then without brackets, please delete what does not apply to „…/…“).

Please read the above information and the information on the question list carefully beforehand and check afterwards whether everything has been completed and answered. This saves time and effort and delays caused by several emails, which may not be possible in terms of time, depending on the number of applicants. And please copy it out here below in the same format with the emojis. Thank you very much!

Artist:in/Designer:in/Artisan:in/…: (name)
(very short description of the person/work, a few words/one sentence)

🖼 Work of art/design object/or similar: („Name of the work“)
(short description)
(? × ? x ? cm)

🌱 She/he would like to support (name of organization) with the proceeds.

💸 Minimum bid (BRD), up to ½ of the usual price: (?) €
Included: Artist costs (material, packaging, travel?): (20€ or 20%, whichever is more) €
Payment options on site: cash (and ?)
Donation of at least (minimum here is 100 €) : (?, depends on what is left) €
The payment options of the NGOs are listed at the bottom of the homepage.

Instagram: (@name)
Possibly Facebook/LinkedIn/… : (the corresponding social media name)
🌐 (link of the website or similar)
Place: (?)

Remark, if desired: (?)

In good time before the start of the exhibition, when it is to be posted, the self-designed A4 info sheet must be submitted to us as a pdf file attachment for online publication. It must also be printed out and attached to the exhibition. It serves as information and as advertising for you and your work. These are the contents:

  • A photo of you, name
  • Website, social media
  • One (to three) photo(s) of the work provided
  • Possibly one (to three) other photos of your works/your work
  • A few key points about the short CV, about you/your work or in the text
  • Some information about the work (at least: Name, year of creation, all dimensions, technique(s), materials)
  • Some text about your work, your goal/intension and/or the work
  • The list of questions could also be part of this